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Customers' Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your DVDs duplicated or are they replicated? In other words, are they going to play properly in my DVD player?

A: Our DVDs are professionally replicated using a "glass master" disc. (Replication is the process used by Hollywood studios to create commercial DVDs.) Unlike many producers of instructional DVDs, we believe you deserve something better than a cheap disc that is duplicated on a desktop computer -- resulting in a DVD which may or may not work properly. While we're talking about quality, our programs are professionally edited, and contain full program menus. Our priority is not just presenting information, but presenting it in a professional way. 

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Q: I live in the United Kingdom (or another country that uses the PAL video format). Your videos are in NTSC (USA) format. Will I be able to view your videos?

The quick answer is YES. Here's the technical answer:
   Computer playback: Any computer that can play a DVD video will be able to play both NTSC and PAL.
   DVD Players: There are actually two parts to this equation: the DVD player and the TV. Nearly all PAL DVD players will read NTSC DVDs, and output some interpretation of the signal to the TV. Most, but not all, modern PAL televisions can display this signal, but you will not achieve 100% perfect playback for all viewers. A common complaint is the loss of some color information, resulting in black and white playback.

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Q: Can the videos be shipped to my country?

A: We will ship to most locations, and we have successfully shipped our videos to over two dozen countries. If you live outside the United States or Canada, it is important for you to understand that each nation's postal requirements are different, and you are responsible for complying with your country's particular import regulations. (Germany, for instance, often charges substantial customs fees on packages from the United States. You, as the purchaser, will be responsible for paying all customs/import fees and filling out all the required forms.) We also do not ship to certain countries at all, so if you cannot locate your nation during the ordering process, you live in one of them. Sorry, North Korean citizens.

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Q: When is the next video coming out?

The 3rd Edition is in production now! We'll announce it here when it's released.


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